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Prof. Shi Yigong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences visits Lanzhou University

On 26th April, Prof. Shi Yigong, famous structural biologist, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of Westlake Institute for Advanced Study lectures at the Lanzhou University Centennial Forum and Cuiying Forum in Lanzhou University (LZU) respectively.

On the morning, Prof. Shi addresses at the LZU Centennial Forum titled “From a Perplexed Graduate to an Excellent Scientist” at the headquarters of LZU, presided over by Prof. Li Jia, Dean of School of Life Sciences, LZU. The scholar recalls his academic experience, especially the pleasure he finds during the research process which fuels not only his own scientific work but also many of his students, colleagues and friends as well as LZUers he hopes, and concludes that an excellent scientist are definitely to be equipped with three qualities, that is, perseverance, good adaptability and critical thinking to challenge the existing authority, enlightening the present listeners.

On the afternoon, Prof. Shi gives another speech at the Yuzhong Campus chaired by Prof. Yan Chunhua, President of LZU, named “Beauty of Structure” to popularize the life science to undergraduate students. Starting from the origin of the universe, he introduces the breeding of human life and civilization, an attractive show of progresses that have been made in the field of life sciences. Concise statistics, vivid examples and abundant pictures demonstrate the charm of structure that is compared between uranology in the macro term and cytology in the micro. The lecture is concluded by human beings’ subjectivity to conquer the disease and rehabilitate the environment in the course of development.

After the two lectures, Prof. Shi communicates with the present guests. And Prof. Yan presents the Cuiying Forum commemorative medal to Prof. Shi.


(Translated by Zhang Lu)