The 9th session of “Investigation and Diligence” forum of School of Physical Science and Technology in 2019

Speaker: Zheng Hao

Title: Study on the Quantum Interference on the Surface of Weyl Semimetal

Time: 14:30 Jun.5,?2019

Place: C201 Yuzhong Campus

Abstract: In 2015, my colleagues and I made pioneering discoveries in our Weyl semimetal TaAs experiment, which has attracted extensive attention from the academic circle. In this seminar, I will introduce the recent progress in Weyl semimetal experiment, especially the research results of using scanning tunneling microscopy/tunneling spectroscopy to study the quantum interference phenomena on the surface of NbP and MoxW1-xTe2.

About the Speaker: Zheng?Hao, researcher and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, was selected into the “Dawn Project” and won “Qiushi Outstanding Young Scholar Award” in 2018.(Translated?by?Cao?Yanxia, Proofread by Xue Shujie)